See what our patients are saying about us.

Dr. Tarnow’s treatment really helped alleviate my post-concussion symptoms. His adjustments combined with detailed training exercises gave me the confidence I needed to return to the ice and meet the physical demands of hockey.
— Timmy Hall, ECHL Western Denmark Hockey Player
We first came to Dr. Tarnow when we found out our oldest son, Tanner, had an inverted sternum and was going to need surgery. The surgeon said he was a severe case and would need to have a bar inserted into his chest and it would remain there for three years. We wanted to make sure that we had exhausted all other options before agreeing to such an invasive surgery. Our son starting work with Coach Bobby George to try to build the cartilage surrounding his sternum and improve his posture. We have had him in the program for two months and are very pleased with the results. We have returned to see the surgeon, and our son is not going to need the surgery at this time. We are so grateful for Dr. Tarnow, Coach Bobby and the other trainers for helping our son with natural methods.
— Lori Feely, Mother of Aligned Athlete Montana Feely
I am a Registered Nurse, and, like most nurses, I have chronic back pain. We are taught proper “body mechanics”, but in our hurried days are generally unable to practice what we have been taught. This past Christmas Eve, I injured my back and could not move without severe pain. I thought about going to the ER, but because I could not stand or sit without crying, decided against it knowing how long it would take for me to be seen and get the help I needed. Fortunately, I was told about the BACK & NECK CARE CENTER in Greentree which is very close to my home. Given that it was Christmas Eve I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment but hoped for the best and called them. I spoke with a staff person named Chris. She was professional, friendly, and understanding of my dilemma. She also made my day by telling me to come right in. As soon as I entered the office of Drs. Manion and Tarnow, I had a sense they knew my pain and were going to make it better. The entire office staff warm, welcoming and helpful, just as Chris had been on the phone. I got in to see Dr. Manion as soon as I arrived. he was exactly what I needed him to be. Calm, thorough, and a man with a plan. Thus, my healing began. Over the next month, I saw them faithfully and got to know the entire staff very well. I saw Dr. Tarnow when Dr. Manion was not there. He was just as encouraging and thorough as Dr. Manion, and they both would teach me about being kinder to my back and spine. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction and on an understandable level. The incorporated exercises as I progressed that easily fit into my busy life and will keep my back and spine strong. They will also help prevent me from injuring my back again.

The equipment needed is minimal and takes up only minimal space in my home with makes it feasible. I had not experienced that in any other chiropractor’s office I had been to in the past. It was very refreshing. Their whole approach made sense and felt complete. After I returned to work I would go to see them in the evenings. All their appointments are “patient friendly”. That is when I would see Kim. She was the “evening” version of Chris. She was great too. Always willing to listen to how I was doing, t o give me the encouragement I needed, and help get me an appointment that worked with my busy schedule. As with any office, the staff that you see first are as important as any part of the visit. They begin the process of getting you the help you need. As soon as I would see Chris or Kim, my day would brighten. Marie and Donna were also invaluable. They set u me up for the treatments I would have prior to seeing the doctor. It included hot/cold packs and stimulation to my back. It was my favorite part of the visit. It relaxed me and got my back prepared for the work ahead. These wonderful ladies always made sure I was comfortable and gave me kudos for my progress. Even Janine, who I rarely saw, would comment on the improvement I showed since the last time she had seen me. The entire staff took me under their wing. They all helped me get through my crisis in the most kind and understanding way. Far beyond what I expected or anticipated. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with these wonderful people. I will continue to see them as often as they feel necessary, do exactly what they teach me to do, and trust in them completely. They gave me my mobility back and taught me how to keep it. I can now do more than I’ve been able to do in years. Pain is no longer a chronic part of my life. Being a nurse I am a very tough critic. I know what all patients should expect and receive when seeking help, but, unfortunately, many times they don’t get the kind of treatment, courtesy and respect they very much deserve. Such is not the case at the BACK AND NECK CARE CENTER and I am proud and happy to let people know.
— Betsy Rial RN & #1 Fan
For years I have battled excruciating lower back pain which has hindered my on ice performance, almost to the point where I debating quitting after my senior year (Robert Morris). Before I saw Dr. Tarnow, I felt restricted on my first few strides from a dead stop and didn’t feel as though I could get as much of a push from my hips at full speed as I used too. It only took a couple visits with Dr. Tarnow for me to begin pushing belief in Chiropractic treatment onto my fellow peers. I would encourage hockey players at all levels to see Dr. Tarnow or even just open up to the idea of chiropractic treatment to get themselves tuned up and ready to play their best every game. As the game becomes more and more competitive, players should look to gain any competitive edge they can over the competition. Chiropractic is an option that will definitely help you on the journey to the next level!

Dr. Tarnow has re-instilled that confidence where I can play the game as physical and tough as I want without having to worry about joint and muscle pain … I feel refreshed, strong, and, for once, I am healthy. Thanks Doc.
— Chris Kushneriuk Captain, Robert Morris University Colonials
From day 1, Dr. Tarnow and his entire staff were nothing short of extraordinary! I began with lower-back problems and a damaged rotator cuff. Just a few months later (approx. 4), I feel 150% better! As a member of the U. S. Air Force, my insurance does not cover chiropractic services; I can go anywhere. And I can tell you, that I will go to BNCC for the rest of my life! I now own two pairs of custom orthotics, a therapeutic pillow, and a host of Biotics® products. Dr. Tarnow explains everything to the Nth degree, and then allows you to make the decision. I have been to several other chiropractors/sports therapists, and BNCC beats them all hands down. I have personally recommended three officers to BNCC. If you believe that health and well-being are at the top of your values and beliefs, then the Back and Neck Care Center is the place for you! Thank you all for the wonderful, friendly, and expert service; you have far exceeded my expectations!
— Dean Scalise, U. S. Air Force
I really like the flexibility of your office. I have been out of town for three weeks and Monday the 11th , which is today, is the first time I have been able to schedule an appointment and was able to get in the same day. There is really nothing I don’t like. I can honestly say that Dr. Tarnow made a big difference in how my back felt from the very first visit. He also made me understand more about how the back works and what I need to do to keep it healthy.
— Tom Mayer
It’s helped me out a lot, it’s corrected my running and has improved my performance during soccer and in every-day life. (what part of your visit made you happiest) Physical therapy, it helped me with any and all injuries I have had and really helped me get back in my game as soon as possible. My orthotics have helped me during school and work, walking on my feet all day can be a pain but with help from my orthotics, I feel much more able to keep going on my feet all day.
— Stephanie Hnat High School Student Athlete Soccer, Track and Field
I have been coming to Dr. Tarnow for SI pain treatment and left upper and lower trapezious pain since 2002. Since then, I have been relatively pain free and I diligently come for monthly treatments. The custom-made orthotics (Foot Levelers©) have made a world of difference with my SI pain. The combination of fish oils, multi vitamins, and other recommended supplements have created a natural anti-inflammatory resistance against pain. I have more energy, can sustain activity levels longer and am generally happier! I highly recommend this office and practices to everyone!
— Jay E. Kirk Patient
Thank you so much for ordering the Foot Levelers® sandals for me. They are so comfortable and very stylish! I really LOVE the Foot Levelers® orthotics that I wear in my sneakers and work shoes. They have significantly reduced the pain of my plantar fasciitis. The sandals were the perfect solution for the summer, plus I can wear them as slippers all year long!
— Jean Gabauer Patient
As a runner and a cheerleader I frequently put a strain on my lower and middle back. Although both my parents have used chiropractors I was nervous that the adjustment would be painful, however I felt immediate relief following my adjustments with no pain whatsoever. I’ve continued routine adjustments which have greatly helped my running ability and reduced strain on my back during track and cross-country races. I would recommend Dr. Tarnow to any athletes suffering from back and neck pain.
— Maria Graziano Patient
Although I was told many great things about Dr. Tarnow, I was still very skeptical about chiropractors … but immediately after the first appointment and treatment, I felt relief from the pain … I was extremely satisfied with my overall experience with Dr. Tarnow and I recommend him to other hockey players.
— Zachary Lynch Pittsburgh Hornets/Shaler High School/ BayState Breakers Eastern Junior HockeyLeague
Have helped me feel the BEST I have in years! Fantastic treatment, and they it the RIGHT way – from the BASICS to get you feeling better. In addition to helping my joints/muscles, Dr. Tarnow has helped GREATLY with my digestive issues/problems by getting me onto Digestive Enzymes and a probiotic. I have not felt this good in 20 years! FANTASTIC! All of the treatment has helped – these are things I wish I had done a LONG time ago – especially the orthotics, and ESPECIALLY the digestive help – I had suffered with that for over 20 years, and I can’t believe how good I feel now! THANKS!!
— Russ Rosendale, Kickboxer
Back and Neck Care Center has been a huge help in strengthening and my off ice training. Having Dr. Tarnow adjust me before and or after training helps me have a better recovery and has improved my posture. The training program has been amazing with all the different blocks in the program working on every body part to make me a better athlete. Also, whenever I get hurt Dr. Tarnow helps me get back ASAP so I can get back to my workout. While I am still in the middle of my training I feel better than ever and can’t wait to see the end results at the beginning of the season.
— Alec Hnat
I don’t know how I made it through my workouts without getting adjusted in the past. Helps my body maintain overall performance, preventing injuries and soreness. Everyone a part of the back and neck care center are more than willing to help you. Dr. Tarnow is one of my biggest supporters and believers. (the one or two most important benefits) Adjustment – getting my body back to feeling great, neck soreness is my biggest problem and as soon as I get adjusted I feel great. Orthotics – in my school shoes every day, more comfortable and helping my knees and posture stay in line correctly.
— Ryan Connolly High School Student Athlete Wrestler & Amateur Cage Fighter
Doc Tarnow helped me out with my lower back and hips he loosened everything up, i gained speed and power as a football player couldn’t have done it without him. I wouldn’t trust anyone more with my body then Dr. Tarnow.
— Joseph Zimmer Bishop Canevin Varsity Football 2010-11
I have sever lower back and pain down my right leg. I had tried traditional medicine and was scheduled to have injections into my lower back. I was referred to Dr. Tarnow by my daughter. Since traditional medicine had written me off I felt I had nothing to lose and boy am I am happy I came to Dr. Tarnow for treatment. Since I have received treatment my lower back pain has been reduced to almost nothing and my lower right leg pain has gone. Dr. Tarnow and his staff have treated me with great care, compassion and professionalism.
— Gary L. Williard Patient
My visit to the Back and Neck Care Center left me feeling better and relieved the stress and pain I was feeling in my back. (what part of your visit made you the happiest) The feeling I had after Dr. Tarnow adjusted me. I was able to skate and perform on the ice the way I needed to be able to. (important benefits) The knowledge of Dr. Tarnow and how the back is connected to the entire body and by fixing that, can help other problem areas.
— Brock Meadows College Athlete in Men’s Ice Hockey
After a fall last summer while vacationing in London, my already-existing lower back pain escalated. Upon my return to the expert care of Dr. Tarnow, together with the Foot Levelers®, my condition has improved to the point that I only need occasional visits to Dr. Tarnow. The (Foot) Levelers® have improved my body alignment and balance and I can enjoy walking again with pleasure.
— Thomas C. Davis Patient

I met Dr. Greg Tarnow about 10 years ago when I moved to Pittsburgh from Canada. I came here to work as a Professional Power Skating Coach at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center. it’s my job to develop hockey players skating skills at all levels of the game from the beginning stages right through to the Professional level.

On a weekly basis, I instruct anywhere from 250-300 hockey players of all abilities. I am also the skating consultant for the Pittsburgh Penguins where I oversee and work with their Prospects in the organization on developing their skating skills to play at the highest level of the game.

With Greg’s involvement and knowledge of hockey and other sports, he has been a great resource of information for me and many hockey athletes in understanding how the hockey body works. it’s essential for every player to fully be aware of the demands of the game on their bodies and what necessary preparation, training and maintenance needs to be done not only to reach their maximum potential but to prevent injury.

The most common restriction I see in hockey players is through their hips. The tightness and lack of mobility is apparent right away and greatly impairs their skating performance. Every singly hockey skating move comes from the hips!

Greg’s ability to pinpoint the cause and release tightness through treatment and specific exercises is essential for a player to succeed and advance to next level of the game. An again help prevent injury. Greg educates each player on their specific needs and establishes a game plan to get there.

On a personal note, I have spent 40+ years on my skates and have had back surgery. Greg has saved me more than once from early retirement! I depend on my body to work and Greg has not only provided me with treatment but educated me along the way. I respect his knowledge, dedication, and the compassion he shares with every patient and client. We are lucky to have his expertise available her in Pittsburgh!

Thanks Dr. Tarnow!

— Marianne Watkins Hockey Skating Director/ Professional Coach Robert Morris University Island sports Center Pittsburgh, PA

I have been coming to the Back and Neck Care Center to see Dr. Tarnow, a Chiropractor, for adjustments and preventive care as an athlete throughout my middle school and high school years. As a swimmer, soccer player, and fast pitch softball player, my body took a lot of stress. In the beginning of my junior year in high school, I decided I wanted to focus on the one sport that I love the most, “Softball”. As a pitcher and third basement, my goal was to reach my peak performance so I can be competitive at the college level. As any serious athlete will tell you, it takes hard work, long hours, practice, patience, proper attitude, and willingness to learn to be a competitive player. But I had one concern, “How can I do all these things without the risk of an injury?” With the help of Dr. Tarnow, a new Preventive Care Program was revised to focus and meet those demands in addition to my other workouts. It addressed my weaknesses and needs. As a pitcher, I did strengthening exercises for my arm and shoulder with a rubber band along with strengthening the hip flexors by using an exercise ball and walking at least 30 minutes a day to strengthen the core of the back and legs. He also stressed the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet of whole grains, fresh fruits and deleting white flour products, sodas, junk food, fast foods, and refined sugar to name a few. Practicing good posture, drinking at least 1 gallon of water or more a day, and sleeping 10 hours a night so the body uses its ability to heal itself. Taking all his knowledge and advice seriously, and with regular adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation, heat therapy, ultrasound massage, a multi-pack of all natural daily vitamins from Biotics, my body was well in tune to met the everyday stress from softball.
Dr. Tarnow’s final recommendation over a year ago was introducing me to Foot Levelers, custom made stabilizers. These are inserts that are placed in shoes that support the feet and create a stable foundation and proper body posture. Within days of wearing them 24/7, I felt a difference in my pitching form and more balanced. I noticed how all my pitches were working together and with a little more velocity on my fastball. I also noticed, after a game, less discomfort on my lower back and the bottom of my feet. I strongly recommend them to any serious athlete as any improvements are better than none, whether it’s for comfort or improving your game. Foot Levelers are now part of me, off the field just as they are on.
To date, I am fulfilling my dream as I just finished my freshman year as a starter at Penn State Beaver as a rotating pitcher and third baseman. College life was demanding and stressful, trying to maintain grades and with being an athlete also, the demand was even greater. When playing sports it’s easy to fall into a pattern of late nights doing homework, papers, studying and eating unhealthy foods. I made it a point to eat healthy when I could, drinking plenty of water and a daily multi-pack of vitamins. When I had a free evening, I would come home before and during my softball season to see Dr. Tarnow for adjustments. Now that I am enjoying the summer break, I faithfully come to his office a few days a week so I can participate in the Preventive Care Program for arm and shoulder strengthening as I want to be fully prepared, mentally, physically and emotionally when we start playing again in the fall.
From my experience, college sports are everything people say it is – the next level. In reality, there are a lot of outstanding athletes who want that starting position but it’s up to you to stand out from the rest. Chiropractor Preventive Care for Athletes has been the answer to me and many other athletes. With its positive addition to daily routines, it not only helps you reach your peak in a healthier and natural way but it provides you with a much quicker healing time during an injury and overall good health for the later years.
Best of Luck and Health to All,
— Korey Freyermuth Penn State Beaver Softball #10