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The Back & Neck Care Center is an innovative chiropractic facility that synergistically combines proven scientific concepts of bio-mechanics, rehabilitation, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and nutrition into an easily accessible program. We work with everyone from elite athletes to senior citizens. Learn how our Aligned Training Program can give you a healthy body with optimal performance


We have a variety of programs that are specialized and varied to the needs of each patient. Whether you are an athlete trying to strength train or if you need to recover from an injury or accident.

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At the Back and Neck Center you will find that we have the only "Treat & Train" facility in the area.

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We are a team that not only cares to connect, but we are a team that can provide the best treatment to our patients and athletes.

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However you define yourself: “athlete”, “weekend warrior”, or “mom”, the Aligned Training Programs can help you achieve any of your health and fitness goals.