facility and equipment

Aligned Training, a division of The Back and Neck Care Center, has everything needed to run a successful rehab, fitness, or athletic performance program. You won’t find any machines to sit down on here!  Our training is based on “functional strength” and mimics the movements and functionality our bodies need to perform daily activities.  Each training session includes a full-body workout focusing on strengthening and stabilizing the body as a whole.  Our focus is on building a balanced and better performing body from the ground up.

Our training sessions last approximately 45 minutes and include the use of gym staples like dumbbells and barbells, as well as incorporating body-weight and band resisted exercises, medicine balls, kettle-bells, suspension trainers, battle ropes, and sleds! 

These tools allow us to create the most efficient workouts that you have experienced.  Never be bored by a training circuit that takes you from one machine to another.  Run, jump, squat, swing, and throw yourself into the next generation of health and fitness performance.

Sports injury model

We utilize the “Sports Injury Model” when treating all our patients.  By this, we mean we incorporate the therapies commonly used by professional trainers in the training rooms of professional players such as the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates.  For instance, interferential therapy is a form of electrical muscle stimulation that allows us to get comfortable, therapeutic healing effects deep down into hip, knee, shoulder, neck, and back joints.  In addition, we use various forms of traction to gently stretch muscles and joints to reduce adhesion and bring oxygen and nutrients to discs, muscles, and joints.