Let Them Eat Fats!!

As a fitness, health, and performance facility we know that all the hard work, sweat, and tears do not amount to much without our clients having the proper diet.  Unfortunately, cleaning up someone’s diet and getting them to understand the importance of proper nutritional education is difficult.  With heart disease still being the number one cause of death in America it’s my hope that this article will give a little more information to the masses.

I recently had the chance to read an article by Mike Sheridan titled “Heart Disease: Get the Fats Straight”.  This article gives an in-depth look at the history of vilifying saturated fats and the increase in obesity and diabetes since saturated fats became uncool.  I will highlight a few key points in this blog.  You can read the entire article here.

In the 1970s, saturated fat was billed as the cause of obesity and heart disease, and to the average person this argument made sense.  Dietary fat is the macronutrient, along with carbohydrates and protein, with the highest caloric density (9kcal/g), so it only makes sense that the more fat you eat the more weight you will gain.  Secondly, it is easy to paint a picture of big slabs of meat or a spoonful of oil clogging your arteries because, as the commercial gurus would have you think, dietary fat turns into body fat.

As the craze for low-fat diets took off, food producers had to find a way to keep their foods tasting good and started using lower grade oils and adding a lot more sugar to their recipes.  Combine this with the fact that most low-fat diets tend to promote high carbohydrate intake and we get an obesity rate that has more than doubled and diabetes cases that have more than tripled since the ‘70s.  But we are eating low-fat muffins, so that must mean something, right?

The overconsumption of both high-glycemic carbohydrates (processed sugars) and poly-unsaturated fats (canola oil, corn oil) has been shown to increase the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad fat) in the body.  Research has also shown that those with high LDL and low HDL (good fats) levels have a 6x greater risk of heart attack.

So, what does the research actually say about saturated fats?  In 2009, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition completed a review of 21 independent studies, with data on over 350,000 people and concluded that saturated fat intake and heart disease have no association with each other.  What has also been shown is that intake of saturated fats and omega-3 oils actually improve the level of HDL cholesterol in the body.


What this means to the average person is that we don’t have to be scared of saturated fats.  Having butter, steak, and whole milk is not going to lead to our demise.  As a non-drug, non-surgical facility, we work to provide our clients and members with the best care; and provide them with the educational resources they need to succeed.  For those looking to improve their health and fitness, our facility offers supplements from the renowned Biotics Research® supplement company. Their Optimal Fatty Acids and Mixed Fatty Acids, both of which help improve heart and joint health, are the highest quality product on the market.

So there you have it, a little more knowledge to add to the bank.  Be aware of what you are eating, but don't be completely scare off by it because of something you heard once.  Interested to learn more? Do a little research, or email us at alignedtrainingpgh@gmail.com, we will be happy to answer the questions that we can.  Finally, if you are ready to take the next step contact us about scheduling your Elite Biomechanical Exam and allow us to help you on your journey.