Boom! Bang! Crunch! Coming Back from an Auto Accident

Auto accidents are one of the top reasons that people come to the Back and Neck Care Center.  Our proven treatment and rehab programs have time and time again delivered for people who thought they would be in chronic pain forever.  Whether the problems lies in neck and shoulder pain, or the hip and lower back, the Back and Neck Care Center’s staff works diligently to solve all problems.  Mary Grace Kramer came to the Back and Neck Care Center in February 2016 in constant pain and unable to move her neck and shoulder.  In a non-drug, non-surgical manner we were able to work with Mary Grace and provide her with an outcome she never would have expected.  In her own words,

“My name is Mary Grace Kramer and I am 57 years old.  On January 6, 2016 I had a car accident.  I had sustained a concussion, whiplash, a slight tear in my bicep and a partial tear in my rotator cuff on the left side.  Dr. Tarnow was able to alleviate the pain in my neck so the migraines I was suffering lessoned.  I was able to move my neck and drive within 3 weeks of the accident and my shoulder and neck pain gradually dissipated.

Dr. Tarnow told me with the help of the trainers in the gym, the exercises they would teach me would help me to lift and the range of motion would improve.  He told me that within 6-9 months I would be better.  Not only am I better, but I am more toned and stronger in all areas that I have been in years.  Thank You Drs. Tarnow and Brady, the trainers, Bobby, Tommy, and Gina and the staff Patrick, Chris, Marina, and Elaine.”