Healthy Hands, Better Quality of Life

My journey at the Back and Neck Care Center began with a diagnosis from my primary care physician of carpel tunnel syndrome (CPT) in both wrists.  Recommending surgery to correct the numbness and tingling in my hands, he first ordered an EMG and nerve conduction studies on both wrists.  In preparation for the tests and surgery, I did some internet searching.  To my horror, I read testimonials of the pain involved in the testing.  Further – I found pages of failed procedures; often after extended months of painful surgery and recovery.  Many stated they were no better after the surgery than before the surgery. These were not comforting odds.

Searching for alternative treatments for CTS, I discovered overwhelming evidence for the benefits of chiropractic treatment.  Even then I still wasn’t sure until I read two different articles.  One article described the actual surgical procedure and the resulting damage done to the wrist in order to “correct” the impingement of the median nerve.  The second article described the condition as very similar to plantar fasciitis – a condition I had successfully treated with chiropractic care 10 years earlier.  I was sold on trying chiropractic care for my wrists and hands, leaving the surgical option on the table until I had tried this non-invasive approach that had worked for me in the past.

I asked my massage therapist if she could recommend a chiropractor in the area.  She told me one of her clients had spoken very highly Dr. Tarnow, and his office was located about 5 minutes from my office in Foster Plaza.  I called and inquired about treatment for CTS, and was given an appointment to see Dr. Tarnow.  After meeting Dr. Tarnow I knew I had made the right decision!

From my first appointment, Dr. Tarnow treated me with respect and understood my need to be educated on the treatment I would be receiving, as well as the types of adjustments he would be doing.  He understood I was fearful about manual manipulation, since my experience with my foot had been with pro-adjusting – a very different approach.  Dr. Tarnow’s 30 years of experience is very evident in his gentle approach, treatment, knowledge and success!  I am so happy to say that I am one of his many, many success stories!

I began treatment with Dr. Tarnow on September 29, 2015; and 14 visits later I can attest to a successful outcome.  Not only have I avoided painful testing and surgical procedures; I CAN FEEL MY HANDS and FINGERS AGAIN!  I also understand the importance of nutrition, posture, and just getting up from my desk and walking for the maintenance of the success we have achieved to date.

Thank you Dr. Tarnow!  Because of you, I have my hands back!

Barbara Marek