Whole Body Vibration Training: Rehabilitation in 15 Minutes

For many, the need for rehabilitation is crucial.  People are in pain!  Action needs to be taken to deal with pain that is negatively affecting their quality of life.  For some though, that is not a possibility: a 30-45 minute rehab session is too long and will affect the rest of their daily schedule.  This is where the Back and Neck Care Center’s newest rehabilitation machine, the Power Plate Pro5, can be a miracle for many in pain.

Whole body vibration (WBV) has been scientifically proven to decrease chronic low back pain; while increasing muscular strength, bone density, and aid in the decrease of body fat.  WBV takes our muscles through rapid concentric and eccentric movements (basically making muscles tense and relax at a very fast pace), allowing for key stabilizer muscles to be strengthened in a short amount of time.  Typically, positions and movements on the Power Plate last 30-60 seconds depending on the intensity and each client’s current fitness level.  The Power Plate Pro5 is a low-impact, joint-friendly rehabilitation opportunity that allows clients to complete an entire session in less than 15 minutes!

Getting healthy and being pain free is always the name of the game when talking about rehabilitation.  Whether that pain comes from sitting all day at a desk job, or from getting rear-ended at a stop light, living with pain is long longer an option!  Contact the Back and Neck Care Center to schedule your first appointment towards living pain free.

Move better. Feel Better. Play Better.