Aligned Athlete Profile: Ryan Connolly - Riding High in the Seat

Ryan Connolly has been an athlete his entire life.  He has always wanted to push himself to the limit, but sometimes the limit pushes back.  Constant aches and pains got Ryan to the Back and Neck Care Center in 2007, and he has been treated by the doctors here ever since. 

As a MPR racetech and TrueMX sponsored rider, he will be competing this year at Motorama, Summit Indoor AX, and the Areanacross East Coast Series.  Every time he is on the track Ryan puts his health and safety on the line.  Riding a fully modified 250F, he asks his body to control itself and nearly 300lbs of steal and rubber through turns, whoops, and down straightaways.  

Ryan has been seeing the benefits of his adjustments ever since beginning a treatment plan with the Back and Neck Care Center, but it wasn’t until he joined the Aligned Training Program that he was able to enhance his performance on the track, and even when he does get injured, his training and the treatment he receives gets him back on the bike in incredibly fast times.  As Ryan likes to point out, “Before becoming an athlete with Aligned Training, I had no sport performance program and relied solely on natural talent.  Over the last 2 years, I have been working with Coach Bobby, and he has increased my overall strength and allowed me to correct the weakness and imbalances my body had allowed because I was always compensating due to a prior injury.  I know that my times on the track have improved because of the treatment and training I get with Coach Bobby and the doctors.”

While he occasionally ends up in the dirt, history proves that Ryan will be back on the bike and doing better than ever. “During my time riding professionally, I have suffered multiple ankle, neck, and shoulder injuries and possibly a couple concussions.  I know that when these accidents occur I have a team with me that will get me healthy as fast as possible.  I am excited about the 2017 areanacross season with the continued support of the BNCC and Aligned Training.  I urge any athlete who is serious about taking care of their body long-term and enhancing their performance to get Aligned!”


Ryan and Coach Bobby, in the Aligned gym, showing off his newest bike.

Ryan and Coach Bobby, in the Aligned gym, showing off his newest bike.