Creating Proper Goal Setting Habits

As the weather starts to change Aligned Training is ramping up for the holiday season.  That got me thinking about all the New Year’s Resolutions that fitness professionals see come through the doors every year. “My goal is to lose 20 pounds!” Mrs. Smith will exclaim as she walks in.  After explaining the work and time she will have to dedicate to achieving this goal we never see her again.  Good bye resolution!

I was lucky enough to come across two videos this week that focused on setting goals and keeping those goals.  Both of these videos were made by strength coaches that I have nothing but respect for and I found it interesting that while the videos were made years apart, they convey a similar message.  Goal setting translates to any and all aspects of life.  What are your personal goals, financial goals, family goals, etc..?  We easily get lost in our daily lives and forget about our goals.  This could be due to many reasons including: the goal was too hard, not enough time, or I have no support.

The first video was a presentation given by Coach Dan John.   Dan John has been a competitive athlete and coach for many years.  My favorite quote from his presentation was, “The goal is to keep the goal, the goal.”  Seems simple doesn’t it? But then we lose focus of our goal, of our destination.  We set a goal and then something else comes up and we put the goal off until the other thing clears up. Or, we have a setback and we say to ourselves, “I already screwed that up, I might as well stop.”  When this happens the goal is no longer the goal.  We lose faith in our abilities and we give up.  Most likely, we give up so easily because we don’t have a process for achieving our goal.  This brings me to the second video of the week.

Clint Darden is a strength competitor and coach whose articles on have always entertained, educated, and inspired.  Recently, Clint started his first round of chemotherapy and that one life changing event has made him re-evaluate his goals.  In doing so he came up with three keys to success:

1.      Set a Goal – we have to know what it is we are trying to accomplish, where it is we are trying to go.

2.      Make a Plan –   How do we plan on getting from point A to point B? This is very important and something that should be written down and evaluated every day.

3.      Make Directions – We need to know what steps to take to get from A to B.  Which paths to follow and which bridges to cross.

Achieving your goals is not something that can be found in a bottle of pills or with the newest fad diet.  It’s found through hard work, determination, and perseverance.   At Aligned Training our trainers know that good health and improved fitness are not sprints with quick results, but marathons that include ups and downs, and require time for permanent results to take hold.

Our trainers work with each client on an individual basis to help them achieve their goals.  We help develop the plan and directions to get from point A to point B and in doing so we constantly make sure that YOUR goal is the destination.   With our staff’s support, and the support of other members at Aligned Training, you can feel confident that your goals will be achieved.