Rehabilitation and Recovery:

Our rehab program helps improve daily life by eliminating nagging aches and pains.  We treat injuries ranging from auto accidents to ankle sprains. In addition to chiropractic treatments, our facility offers many rehab modalities used in professional sports to increase recovery of muscle tightness, sprains, and strains.  We provide top-of-the-line orthotic inserts from Foot Levelers to aid in the recovery process.  All of the programs offered can provide our clients with the following:

  • Pain Reduction

  • Joint Stabilization

  • Improved Core Strength and Stability

  • Improved Mobility

  • Increased Joint Range of Motion and Flexibility

The Injury Program

Short-term or long-term care, poor night’s sleep or car accident, it’s all covered under our Bronze Program.  When you are in pain, your entire quality of life can be drastically affected.  At the Back & Neck Care Center, pain is not an option.  Working with your personal insurance, our staff provides timely care to optimize the recovery process.  Rehab and recovery utilizes all 3 departments of our facility.  Time is spent with our doctors, in our rehab therapy suite, and with our trainers.  Specific attention will be spent on pain relief, quality of mechanical movement, correcting movement patterns, and improving stability and strength of the affected area.

After completing the rehabilitation process, clients will have the option of joining our Platinum, Gold or Silver Program to continue their mechanical maintenance and improve physical performance.