The Back and Neck Care Center, a chiropractic and rehabilitation staple in the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years, is proud to present a their unique “Treat & Train” philosophy with the Aligned Training Program!

The Aligned Training Program combines all the benefits of chiropractic treatment and functional strength training to produce a healthy body and optimal performance.

Proper Technique:

Proper exercise technique can be attained efficiently by removing joint restrictions and providing clients with normal joint function.

Full Range of Motion Exercises:

Improved joint function allows clients to move through a full range of motion, strengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in all movement patterns.

Multi-Joint, Multi-Direction Movements:

Our bodies do not move one joint at a time or in one direction, why would you train like that?  The ability to produce force during complex movements is readily obtained by treating physical imbalances and strengthening weakness.
Rehabilitation and Injury Reduction: Our facility provides each client a unique program to reduce injury occurrence by treating specific biomechanical issues (alignment, posture, joint integrity), as well as training to improve strength, stability, and coordination, all which have been shown to decrease the likelihood of injuries.


You are invited to visit our facility and begin your Aligned process with a FREE Biomechanical Exam.  The exam includes a digital foot scan, a biomechanical assessment with Dr. Tarnow, and a body movement assessment with one of our nationally certified coaches.

All of our Aligned Training Programs have been developed to improve balance and coordination, increase strength and power development, and burn the most calories in the least amount of time. Our programs are about building the most efficient body in the most efficient manner.